Works for orchestra and chamber music

Wish (2020)

for cello

Vyöry/Avalanche (2022)

for accordion and string orchestra

Three point eight (2020/22)

for string quartet

Sunken (2017)

for piano

Luvetus (2017)

for flute and string orchestra

Piilo (2021)

for saxophone (for professionals)

Piilo 2 (2021)

for saxophone (for advanced students)

Piilo 3 (2021)

for saxophone (for beginners)

Euterpe (2006)

for flute

Pheme (2011)

for clarinet in Bb and fixed media

Kriya (2009)

for bassoon and piano

From me to View (2019)

gallery installation with Heta Kuchka

Rememoror (2018) for piano

Scatterings (2015) for orchestra