Works in chronological order



For electro-acoustic accordion, cello with electronics

Kerrostumat was commissioned by the Korsholm Music Festival 2022, celebrating its 40th anniversary. The festival theme, trees and forests, gave rise to a work whose shape in my imagination reflects the arch of life, from tiny plant to ancient tree.

”We have only one globe. We need three point eight globes.”
Three point eight
is a polarized work about the state of the world: vulnerability and threat against each other.. In 2019 overshootday in Finland was at the beginning of April and in 2022 it was at the end of March. If we keep on waisting the natural fonds...

I composed Piilo for 3 different levels: professional, advanced level (advanced special studies at music institute), pedagogical level (beginners level 2 at music institute).

Meeting Points (2019) was co-commissioned by Pirkanmaa Music institute and Vakka-Suomi music school and it was realized with the help of Arts Promotion Centre Finland. There are two arrangements of the work, first pedagogical version for wind orchestras and then an arrangement based on the first version for professional bands. The commissioners...

Vyöry (Avalanche) seemed to have its own will reflecting the current restless social situation.

The work reflects the relationship between human and nature. The idea was influenced by the paintings of Samuli Heimonen. The music moves in two layers, most of the time overlaping and joining together.

The idea for Grass is singing came from the most miraculous sound I have ever heard.

Wish for cello


The impulse for this work came just before Christmas from a 9 year old girl whose wish from Santa was that the world would not be finished too soon. Her wish touched me deeply. The young generation is suffering from the choices the generations before them have made but they hope that can still change the direction. This work expresses...