Works in chronological order

A song cycle for soprano and piano composed to Suvi Nuotio's current poems about how our seasons are changing, transforming and remaining for future generations.

Fantasy for Other Worlds was inspired by two Mary Wollstonecraft´s (1759-1797) sentences: 'imagination is the true fire' (Letters: 264) and 'some flights of the imagination seem to reach what wisdom cannot teach' (Works 5: 274). Pianist Tiina Karakorpi´s new concert series Maryn sormenjäljillä (Mary´s fingerprints) presents female artists and...

The carbon footprint of the string quartet ...and we are rotating with it was calculated and climate compensated. According to the commissioner Meidän Festivaali, the case is the first in the world.

Flowmatic Nights was composed to the poem written for this project by the prize-winning Danish-Iranian author Shadi Angelina Bazeghis. Besides me there were three composers who wrote a new work for this project: English-Lebanese Bushra El-turk, Iranian Farzia Fallah and Danish Josefine Opsahl. The text was translated into the mother tongues of the...



Endangered was composed as a mandatory semi-final piece of the Ilmari Hannikainen Piano Chamber Music Competition international series. One of the starting points of the composition was Hannikainen´s Sick Bird op. 14 no 10 for piano (arranged for violin and piano by his brother Arvo Hannikainen), and its vulnerable, bird-like motif and...

One of the moments that inspire me the most in composition is the state of seemingly limitless possibilities, when many things are still to be locked. The inspiration for the Helsinki Variations had to be a Finnish composition composed before 1945. The premise itself was exciting. I´m interested in anachronism in art, in this case, how folk...



For electro-acoustic accordion, cello with electronics

Strata was commissioned by the Korsholm Music Festival 2022, celebrating its 40th anniversary. The festival theme, trees and forests, gave rise to a work whose shape in my imagination reflects the arch of life, from tiny plant to ancient tree.