Fantasy for Other Worlds/Fantasia toisille maailmoille


photo: Minna Leinonen

Fantasy for Other Worlds was inspired by two Mary Wollstonecraft´s (1759-1797) sentences: 'imagination is the true fire' (Letters: 264) and 'some flights of the imagination seem to reach what wisdom cannot teach' (Works 5: 274). Pianist Tiina Karakorpi´s new concert series Maryn sormenjäljillä (Mary´s fingerprints) presents female artists and thinkers. The focus in this work´s premiere concert was philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft, according to whom Mary Gallen-Kallela got her first name. 

Fantasy for Other Worlds is dedicated to wonderful Tiina Karakorpi.


19th November 2023 Maryn sormenjäljillä, Tarvaspää, Espoo

Tiina Karakorpi, piano