Fantasy for Other Worlds/Fantasia toisille maailmoille


photo: Minna Leinonen

Fantasy for Other Worlds was inspired by two Mary Wollstonecraft´s (1759-1797) sentences: 'imagination is the true fire' (Letters: 264) and 'some flights of the imagination seem to reach what wisdom cannot teach' (Works 5: 274). Pianist Tiina Karakorpi´s new concert series Maryn sormenjäljillä (Mary´s fingerprints) presents female artists and thinkers. The focus in this work´s premiere concert was philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft, according to whom Mary Gallen-Kallela got her first name. 

Fantasy for Other Worlds is dedicated to wonderful Tiina Karakorpi.


19th November 2023 Maryn sormenjäljillä, Tarvaspää, Espoo

Tiina Karakorpi, piano

1st March 2024 Avanti! in Viikki´s church, Helsinki

Fanny Söderström, piano

8th March 2024 Rakkaat in Camerata, Musiikkitalo Helsinki

Fanny Söderström, piano