Minna Leinonen, Touko Hujanen & Jussi Suonikko: The Land We Leave/Maa, jonka jätämme


Minna Leinonen, Touko Hujanen & Jussi Suonikko

Photo: Touko Hujanen

Outside our solar system, there is a probe, in which a child´s voice transmits a message from the pass: Hello from the children of Planet Earth. In an old Finnish provincial song, it is said that freedom will be found through peaceful means, but the country must be created anew. From the space ambient to self-sufficient institute the views of the work lead to a fossil-free life, where generations are looking for a connection to each other and to the earth we are leaving behind. The flute part of the piece is freely inspired by the tune of Tsuru no sugomori. 

The Land We Leave was commissioned by Malla Vivolin in collaboration with composer Minna Leinonen, photographer Touko Hujanen and sound designer Jussi Suonikko.

The work is dedicated to excellent Malla Vivolin and it was supported by Wihuri Foundation.

video editor: Ville Hautakangas


"The polyphony of different arts worked in the premiered piece The Land We Leave. The poetic photographs of Touko Hujanen, who documented the subsistence economy in a gruff way, the flute part played by Malla Vivolin and the sounds of the Tactus children's choir and farm work from the tape successfully merged with each other. The music and pictures had a strong smell of the earth."

Harri Hautala, Aamulehti 18th September 2023


16th September 2023 Tampere-talo, Small auditorium

Malla Vivolin, flute and Anders Pohjola, electronics

23th September 2023 Musiikkitalo Camerata

Malla Vivolin, flute and Anders Pohjola, electronics