Minna Leinonen, Heta Kuchka & defunensemble: From Me to View (concert version 2023)


Close your eyes, what do you see?

Concert version with live music, fixed media and surround,. Duration: appr. 12 minutes

From Me to View is a commissioned work for defunensemble in collaboration with visual artist Heta Kuchka. The work takes the listener on a journey to the favourite places of the original members of defunensemble: an untouched forest, the bunkers of Taivaskallio, the open sea, the neighborhood of Kallio, and an amusement park. The musicians were deeply involved in every part of the creative process, giving viewers insight into their individual personalities. Spending time together at their favourite locations was a valuable and inspiring creative method. We hear the wind playing the flute by the open sea, a duet with a clarinet and a bird in a sunny forest, a harpist imitating a rollercoaster, a pianist depicting the sounds of his neighborhood in Kallio, and an interpretation of the cellist's childhood memories. The journey culminates in the musicians returning to each of these special locations to perform a private concert for the landscape. In the gallery, sounds from their favourite landscapes blend together creating a common space. Coincidence was important for the creative process. The musical composition is based on improvisations and while filming, the locations provided various pleasant surprises.

From me to View was realized with the help of Sibelius Foundation and AVEK.

Listen to the galleria version of From me to view

Check out the making of here:

Concept: Minna Leinonen & Heta Kuchka

Direction, video and editing: Heta Kuchka

Composition: Minna Leinonen & defunensemble

Sound design: Timo Kurkikangas

This exhibition would not have been possible without the great commitment of Hanna Kinnunen (flute), Mikko Raasakka (Clarinet), Emil Holmström (Piano), Lily-Marlene Puusepp (harp) and Markus Hohti (Cello), Timo Kurkikangas (Recording and editing of sound) and Sami Klemola (Artistic director).


video editor: Ville Hautakangas


"The boundaries of authorship and time were blurred excitingly in From Me to View performed by defunensemble. Heta Kuchka's videos and the sound collage compiled by Minna Leinonen were combined in a live concert situation with greater power than their parts."

-Harri Hautala, Aamulehti 18.9.2023


16th September 2023 Tampere hall, small auditorium
defunensemble: Hanna Kinnunen, flute, Mikko Raasakka, clarinet, Markus Hohti, cello and Anders Pohjola, electronics

23th September 2023 Musiikkitalo, Camerata
defunensemble: Hanna Kinnunen, flute, Mikko Raasakka, clarinet, Markus Hohti, cello and Anders Pohjola, electronics