Aika-avaruutta/Within the space of time


A song cycle for soprano and piano composed to Suvi Nuotio's current poems about how our seasons are changing, transforming and remaining for future generations.

photo: Minna Leinonen

The song cycle contains five parts: Kevätkesän avaruus/The Space of Spring-summer (2018), Tähtiä kuin hiekkaa/Stars like sand (2024), Kuu, jota ei ole/The moon that doesn't exist (2024) Maailmanvaloa/Light of the World (2024), Jo nyt, jo nyt?/Already, already now? (2024)

The parts can be performed separately and in any order.


3rd of August 2024 Musequal Festival F.p.

Koulukeskus Välkky, Turenki

Meeri Pulakka, sopraano

Mirka Viitala, piano

Live recording of the concert by the Finnish Broadcast radio