Comme il faut – poupée for bandoneon


Kristina Kuusisto, bandoneon and me in the first performance in Tampere Biennale 2018. Photo: Maarit Kytöharju

Comme il faut - poupée (2017) for bandoneon 

Bandoneonist, Kristina Kuusisto commissioned new works for her multiartistic project "La Fille au Bandoneon" from Riikka Talvitie, Lotta Wennäkoski and me. According to Kuusisto the bandoneon repertoire is conspicuously masculine and with the help of this commision she hoped to introduce the feminine side of the bandoneon. Kuusisto told us how the repertoire was supposed to be played "comme il faut" obeying all the traditional rules. According to Kuusisto, Argentinian male teachers flattered the Finnish born student calling her "poupée", a doll. The work represents in deeper level individuals' relationship to community and given standards, music tempted and finally in the third movement breaks away from the chains given from the outside, both argentinian rules and limitations given by the composer. The work is in three movements and the final movement can be performed separately. Other two movements are connected to music teatherlike expressions and are to be performed together with the third movement.

The work can be performed with or without the tape. The voice in the tape belongs to Simon Riestra-Aedo. Please contact me if you need the tape material.

Duration approximately 11 minutes.

Commissioned by and dedicated to Kristina Kuusisto. Comme il faut was composed with the help of Teosto. Work can be performed with or without the tape. F.p. Tampere Biennale 12th of April 2018