Alma! – kinetic opera


photo: Ville Hautakangas

"You should be writing music instead of organizing Gustav's scherzos and allegros."

[Alma! second act V You remind me of a cupcake]

Alma! was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2022 and Teosto Prize 2022.

From the program note: 

"Alma! (2019-2020) is a kinetic opera for singers, dancers and instrumental ensemble by composer Minna Leinonen, choreographer-director Petri Kekoni and librettist Hanna Weselius. It tells a story of three women, all characterised by strong emotions - the composer Alma Mahler as the lawyer and the visual artist Aino in the present day.

Music weaves together the multi-layered work of art that examines the woman's position in the past and present into a naturally flowing whole, which has a strong grip on the listener. Different time layers wander around seamlessly side-by-side. 

Essentially Alma! tells about deciding on one's own independence and striving for solidarity.

"We belong together during moments which are not measured in lifetimes, years, or even weeks, days, or hours. We belong together during moments that are measured in seconds."

[Alma! second act VI When a person dies, their mouth forms an "e"]

Composer Alma Mahler, a wife of the famous composer Gustav Mahler, is given a voice in Alma! as a person whose work as a composer was finished too soon.

Working group

choreography and direction: Petri Kekoni
composition: Minna Leinonen
libretto: Minna Weselius
conductor: Jutta Seppinen
sound design: Jussi Suonikko
costume design: Ella Kauppinen
lighting design: Jonne Nieminen ja Sari Mayer
premiere 17.2.2021 streamed via
production: Dance Theatre MD, Petri Kekoni Company, CHANGEnsemble and Tampere Biennale

Performances and links

F.p. stream: 17.2.2022

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Read FMQ:

Minna Leinonen has composed the opera Alma! in such an exquisite and diverse way that the premiere can be seen as her breakthrough as a first-rate opera composer.

Tempo changes in music are vivid, the dramatic eruptions earthmoving and the slow sections dreamlike.

  • Harri Hautala, Aamulehti 18.2.2021

Minna Leinonen succeeds in the most essential challenge of opera composing: to put her music into perspective but still keeping her own voice.

Minna Leinonen´s colourful and expressive score moves with a wide range, from nervous swerving to lyrical glow.

  • Harri Kuusisaari, Rondo 19.2.2021

Leinonen has composed piercingly glowing, sometimes painfully beautiful, sometimes cruel ironic music.

Juxtaposing and alternating live views of two women is functional, creating fast turns of events, fantasy-like dramaturgy.

The arc of drama Leinonen has built with strong touch.

  • Hannu-Ilari Lampila, Helsingin sanomat 18.2.2021

Composer Minna Leinonen holds the chamber opera format together skilfully. Leinonen handles the text content competently.

  • Tove Djupsjöbacka, HBL 18.2.2021

Alma! is an excellent work of art. For Minna Leinonen Alma! is a cracking rise into frontline of opera composers. The music of Minna Leinonen is diverse and surprisingly light.

  • Katariina Fleming, Tamperelainen 27.2.2021