Intre for ensemble


photo: Minna Leinonen

Work for ensemble: fl, cl, perc, pf, vl, vcl. Duration 9–10 min.

The piece is a part of radiophonic work commissioned by Finnish Radio YLE.

fl (doubling picc. and fl alto), cl (doubling Bcl and cl in Eb), perc, pf, vl, vcl

Fp: Zagros ensemble (Hanna Kinnunen fl, Päivi Kiljala cl, Sami Koskela perc, Jaana Kärkkäinen pf, Hannu Vasara vl, Sami Mäkelä vcl)

May 2nd 2011

Fbp: Yle Radio 1, Finnish Broadcasting Company, 17 May 2011

Intre is composed in rush of feeling after becoming a mother. The first movement "In(side) - What if there was no light" is a slowly and heavily pulsating space which contains sudden clusters of attack and its resonances. The second movement "Interruptions" consists of fast fragments in which timbres and dynamics are in frequent motion. The third movement is static fairy-like music, which occationally heads into musicbox-like texture. The movements are connected attacca.

Recent performances

18.10.2022 Uuden ajan ensemble & Tapio von Boehm, conductor

30.7.2022 Norrbotten Neo & John Storgårds, conductor