Låt mig vara – Let me be              for female choir


Du vet inget om mina krig, jag kämpar för mitt liv, för rätten att synas, för rätten att bli, en kvinna som kan leva fri. 

(ur Låt mig vara)

Commissioned stage performance by the academic female choir Lyran together with contemporary composer Minna Leinonen.

Libretto and music by Leinonen/Video projections, light design and choreography by Kuchka

The libretto of the work consists of anonymously interviewed singers of Lyran about their physical identity and its definition: beauty, sensuality, ideals of looks and disturbed images of female body. Folk melody Kling klang klockan slår  passes through the work giving consolation to the singers, some singers told in the interview that it has been a song which gives them comfort. The individual experiences of the Lyran´s singers are juxtaposed with Edith Södergran´s timeless poems. 


Kling klang klockan slår (folk song arrangement):


Hon är vacker: