Meeting Points for Wind Band


Meeting Points (2019) was co-commissioned by Pirkanmaa Music institute and Vakka-Suomi music school and it was realized with the help of Arts Promotion Centre Finland. There are two arrangements of the work, first pedagogical version for wind orchestras and then an arrangement based on the first version for professional bands. The commissioners had a special wish that the work would introduce to orchestral instruments and sections.

In Meeting Points the instruments stand out with their own unique features, meet with sections and support each other. When composing this piece an analogy for orchestral tutti, sections and solos was colorful and warm society, which has been an important meeting point for me through my life.

F.p. 27th March 2022 Lappeenranta church
Suomen Puhallinsinfonikot, Anna-Leena Lumme, conductor

Other performances

7th May 2022 Tampere-talo

Meeting Points -Suomen Puhallinsinfonikot, Anna-Leena Lumme, conductor

April 2022

6th April 2022 Tampere Biennale
Meeting Points -Kaartin soittokunta (The Guards Band), Aino Koskela, conductor

March 202230th March 2022 Temppeliaukio church
Meeting Points - Kaartin soittokunta (The Guards Band), Aino Koskela, conductor
Töölö II - Suomalainen ilta