Piilo/Hide for saxophone


I composed Piilo for 3 different levels: professional, advanced level (advanced special studies at music institute), pedagogical level (beginners level 2 at music institute). 

Includes playing cards for improvisation and composition in a group and solo studies.

Saxophone contains a huge color palette and provides composer and musician unique expressional possibilities. In Piilo (Hide) I use the saxophone´s wide potential wrapped in an atmosphere which comes from childhood play: The exciting moment when you know that the seeker is close but you wouldn't like to get found yet. 

Piilo is dedicated to fantastic saxophonist and pedagogue Kalle Oittinen who commissioned this work. It is composed with the help of Finnish Cultural Foundation Pirkanmaa and Arts Promotion Centre Finland, many thanks!

Piilo for professionals (publisher: Fennica Gehrman)

Piilo for advanced pedagogical level (publisher: Fennica Gehrman)

Piilo for beginners (publisher: Fennica Gehrman)

Piilo cards in Finnish and English (publisher: Fennica Gehrman)