Rememoror for piano


Rememoror (lat. "I remember") was composed during the time I was writing a memoir of my dear relative, who is suffering from dementia. The damage of memory hit me hard and I let a repeating, simple memory and its many runners, shatters and passes become a starting point of this work. 

Rememoror was commissioned by Ville Hautakangas and was composed with the help of Finnish Cultural Foundation Pirkanmaa,  The work is dedicated to my grandmother and to Ville Hautakangas.

F.p. Ville Hautakangas 27.11.2019 Tampere-talo

Coming up soon: New album release by Ville Hautakangas 


"As versatile and floaty Leinonen´s Rememoror remains in the ear"

Jukka Isopuro/Helsingin sanomat 17.1.2023

"Prepared sounds in Leinonen´s Rememoror elegantly portrays  a fragile mind." 

Antti Häyrynen/Rondo 27.2.2023