Sunken for piano


photo: Minna Leinonen

Sunken won the 1st prize in Tampere Piano Composition Competition.

Composed with the help of Madetoja Foundation.

F.p. 29th April 2017 at Tampere Piano Competition

Duration 4 min.

Sunken got its inspiration from an old story. According to it during Greather Wrath church bells were sank to Ukkijärvi so that they were safe from robbers. An image of bells sinking down to depths fascinated me and I wanted to seek for sounds of bells in underwater world., its hollow timbre and the stagnation of deep waters. The search for these sounds allows many different interpretations.


Anna Laakso´s performance was recorded by the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE

Other performances

28th July 2022 Sulvan church, Korsholm Music Festival

Mårten Landström, piano

14th May 2022

Jenna Ristilä, piano

Musiikkitalo, Helsinki

9th July 2021

Anna Laakso, piano
Nurmes Summer Academy & Concerts
Nurmes church