photo: Minna Leinonen

Vyöry/Avalanche seemed to have its own will reflecting the current restless social situation.

For accordion and string orchestra (5/5/4/3/2) 

Commissioned by the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra and Kokkola Winter Accordion 2022.

F.p. 18.2.2022 by Antti Leinonen accordion and Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra with Emilia Hoving, conductor. 

Duration: 14–15 minutes

Other performances:

Finnish Public Broadcasting Company 23.2.2022

Program notes

My plan was to write a work of another kind, but my thoughts repeatedly took me to accelerating bursts, streams and culminations. When composing this piece in 2021 worldwide changes avalanched through the society and the influences were not imperceptible on the distressed cultural sector, where bad news flooded one after another. Vyöry is dedicated to the wonderful Antti Leinonen and fantastic Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra.

Vyöry was co-commissioned by Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra and Kokkola Winter Accordion 2022 and it was first performed on 18th of February in Kokkola by Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, accordionist Antti Leinonen and conductor Emilia Hoving.

Many thanks to Arts Promotion Centre Finland


Vyöry gives the audience a lovely possibility to open their minds with the help of the music. Vyöry is extremely interesting and doesn´t empty on one listen. Antti Leinonen could exploit the whole extent of the instrument from quiet and high to low sounds which could almost feel in the breast. The ending with the bass, cellos and accordion was very influential.

Anni Saari, Keskipohjanmaa 20.2.2022

Watch an interview (in Finnish(: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSQNCCzXOyo