Wish for cello


The impulse for this work came from a 9-year-old girl's wish for a Christmas gift for Santa Claus, that the world wouldn't end. The world seems very different from the perspective of future generations. Do we sufficiently take them into account in our actions and do we actively use information for the common good of our planet, the freedom to breathe clean air? Future generations will have to survive in a state where even renewable natural resources are already threatened. These questions intertwined with the atmospheres of the work. The piece uses scordatura, that is, the cello is tuned to an unusual pitch.

Wish is dedicated to my two daughters and to a fantastic cellist Eeva Rysä.

photo: Minna Leinonen

Markus Hohti, cello 23th September 2023 Musikkitalo, Camerata


"A powerful work is also the solo cello piece Wish played by Markus Hohti. Its message about the fear of a small child got a strong interpretation, in which the world was looked at deep into history, even in a way that subconsciously reminds me of Bach."

-Harri Hautala, Aamulehti 18th September 2023

Other performances

16th September 2023 Tampere hall

Markus Hohti, cello

23th September 2023 Musikkitalo, Camerata

Markus Hohti, cello

21th August 2023

Hietsu is Happening

Eeva Rysä, cello

29th July 2022

Korsholm Music Festival

Marko Ylönen, cello

Raippaluoto church,

10th July 2021

Lauri Angervo, cello
Nurmes Summer Academy & Concerts

1st November 2020
Eeva Rysä, cello

Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki