Laiva on lastattu – pedagogical work for kantele ensemble


Laiva on lastattu is an exciting collection of Finnish traditional games connected to music. The movements can be performed separately and the ensemble may vary from 5-7 players to 100 players. I wanted to encourage kantele players to get to know wonderful contemporary techniques for kantele, which are rich in color and expression.

Laiva on lastattu was commissioned by the Kanteleensoiton opettajat ry (Kanto) and it was composed with the help of Wihuri Foundation. The work was part of Finland 100 anniversary program.

Performances e.g.: 

- Helsingin konservatorio 8.12.2017

- Kajaani 9.12.2017

- Jyväskylä 9.12.2017 klo 15

- Pirkanmaa 11.12.2017

- Ylivieska spring 2018


Please contact me if you are interested about the work.