Two songs for female voice and accordion (from Shom)


Two songs (2007) for female voice and accordion from Shom

Man goes into noisy crowd

When the Sun goes down

from a song cycle Shom

Duration 7 min.

Dedicated to Timo Kinnunen and Virpi Räisänen

Fp. Virpi Räisänen-Midth and Timo Kinnunen at Viitasaari Time of Music, July 7th 2007.

Two songs II (2009)

arrangement for female voice and piano. Duration 9 min.

Fp. Jutta Seppinen and Cecilia Oinas, New York

The first song from a song cycle Shom: Man goes into noisy crowd is a virtuosic movement. In its vocal part I play a lot with vowels and syllables. In the middle of the song there is a partly improvised cadenza for voice. The second song, When the sun goes down is a simple and static movement, a descending line. Its Bengalese words remind of a sunset seen from the East. By the time of composing this movement I was fascinated by the possibility of the accordion to produce a continuous line, which vibrates without any interruptions or pauses. Both songs are from a song cycle Shom.