Works in chronological order

Kevätkesän avaruus started from poet Suvi Nuotio´s suggestion to collaborate. When winter´s long darkness was giving way to spring we wanted to try to catch a moment of glow into this lied. Kevätkesän avaruus won 1st prize in Majaoja Foundation´s lied competition in 2018.

According to some reports merisirri (The purple sandpiper) is assumed to be the first bird in Finland to die out of extinction because of the climate change. Merisirri nests only in shrubbery hilltops, habitats which are vanishing as forests cover the mountains.

Stoori was composed for the Pirkanmaa music institute´s anniversary and was composed with the help of National Board of Education Finland. Stoori was first perfomed in piano competition by talented student Sauli Aaltonen from Pirkanmaa music institute.

Laiva on lastattu is an exciting collection of Finnish traditional games connected to music. The movements can be performed separately and the ensemble may vary from 5-7 players to 100 players. I wanted to encourage kantele players to get to know wonderful contemporary techniques for kantele, which are rich in color and expression.

Sunken won the 1st prize in Tampere Piano Composition Competition.